Osteopathic fees

In order to make osteopathic care more accessible, I offer a sliding scale. 

As you’re thinking about where you fall on this scale, please thoughtfully consider your resources. One common pitfall in relating to a sliding scale is that people with family wealth but temporary personal scarcity select a lower rate than people with temporary abundance but no safety net. To help you decide how much to pay, check out this quick assessment tool:

September Special: Infants under 1 year old are only $75 until October 2nd.

 adultschildren (<10 years)
Tier 1$300 - 500$240 - 400
Tier 2$150 - 300$120 - 240
Tier 3$100 - 150$80 - 120
Tier 4$50 - 100$40 - 80
Tier 5$10 - 50 $5 - 40

Healthcare bluebook assesses the “fair price” of a 40 minute office visit with osteopathic manipulation of 1-2 body regions at $365.
My appointments are 1 – 2 hours, and I treat the entire body (“10 regions” according to insurance billing standards).

Notes about pricing:

Tier 2 covers my services in full. People who can afford Tier 1 rates enable me to provide care to people in Tiers 3-5.

I offer two appointments per week in Tier 3, and one each of Tiers 4 and 5.  I prioritize queer/trans BIPOC for these slots.


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