Trans Care

trans flag with medical symbol

Despite the simplicity of the guidelines and overwhelming evidence that it is life-saving care, there is a deficit in doctors willing to prescribe gender-affirming hormones. I am therefore opening my practice to people of all genders who are interested in exploring hormone therapy. I trust you to know yourself better than I could ever hope to. My goal is to answer any questions you might have and help support you in making the decisions that work best for your life and body.

I follow the UCSF transgender care guidelines which include followup at 3, 6, and 12 months for bloodwork and dose adjustments.  Bloodwork is completed offsite at LabCorp, Quest, or other testing centers and billed by them through your insurance.

Please note that I am not a primary care provider, and my practice is not equipped to manage other medications or non-osteopathic health concerns. This service is specifically for initiating gender-affirming hormones and the first year of followup. It is my expectation that you have a primary care doctor or appropriate specialist managing any other medical issues.

See my rates page for information on my sliding scale.